More and more businesses make virtual tours of their spaces now that people are stuck at home. The rapid increase in the number of estate agents that make virtual tours can also be seen in other industries too: hotels and accommodation, retail stores, car showrooms and many more.

Why Make Virtual Tours ?

Since the first lock down in 2020, for real estate agents and business sales agents like ourselves, the pandemic meant that physical viewings of the properties on our books was simply not possible. A real disaster for our business as no viewings means no sales and therefore no income.

This then explains the rapid growth of the number of virtual tours appearing on social media and real estate agency websites everywhere.

Back when the Covid world pandemic first hit our lives, we ourselves considered offering a virtual tour creation service to our own clients as an optional extra, even a free incentive if they listed with us. Unfortunately, up until recently it was just not financially viable.

virtual tour software

What does it cost to Make a Virtual Tour ?

What we found was that, to make virtual tours, we really only had two choices: either we purchased a 360 degree camera and tripod, along with some specialist software that ‘stitches’ all the 360 images together into a virtual tour, OR we could hire a local photographer who offered to make the the virtual tours from scratch for each property on our books .

We needed several thousand dollars to buy a camera and software and were quoted around $100 to $200 euros per virtual tour creation by a local photographer.

So, like the vast majority of real estate brokers, we decided to only use the local guy for a handful of select properties. We posted the virtual tours on our websites and on social media and they were very well received.

We cannot say for certain whether it helped us to sell more, but it certainly gave us one up on our local competition, even generating new listings to boot.

During the lock down we continued to look for apps and software that we could use to make our own virtual tours, alas the costs of even the most basic software was several hundred dollars AND we still needed to buy a 360 degree camera of some sort too.

In an ideal world…

what we wanted was an app that would allow us to take ordinary photographs with our smartphone, upload them to the app, press a few buttons and hey presto, we get a virtual tour.

video tour software

In December of 2020 it finally happened, a piece of software called VideoTours360 was launched. We managed to get hold of a copy for $67 and tested it out the same day.

It took a while to get to grips with the image editing features and whatnot, but the tutorials were easy to follow and it was only a couple of hours before we had gone through the learning process and produced our first virtual tour.

Do Virtual Tours Increase Sales ?

We posted our first virtual tour of a three bedroom villa on Facebook and we got an excellent response, almost 50% higher than if we had just posted an ordinary gallery of property images.

The most important thing though was the cost. It had only cost us a one-off $67 and we could still make more Virtual Tours whenever we liked.

So if you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way of producing 360 degree virtual tours or video tours yourself, either for your own real estate agency, or as a standalone service to property owners, hotels, car showrooms, retail stores, whatever, then we can highly recommend the software.

We are now able to make a virtual tour for all of our property listings, something that our clients and potential buyers truly appreciate.

You can find out more about the software and see all of the features by visiting the VideoTours360 website (click on the banner below). By using this link you will get a $20 discount if you decide to try it out, so it will cost you $47 instead of the usual $67.


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